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Stackdoor® is an innovative security grille where the elements stack instead of rolling up. Composed of side profiles guiding horizontal steel tubes and vertical steel connectors, Stackdoor® is the perfect solution for where high security is required for interior and exterior applications. Thanks to the unique “stack-and-pin” technology, the vertical connector rods glide seamlessly into the horizontal tubes and disappear with its ingenious perforations. The grille retracts vertically by stacking upwards into the ceiling. Stackdoor®, in addition to offering protection, also guarantees visibility and air circulation with a slimline, compact, and strong design. Available in STANDARD, CORNER, CURVED & XXL versions, Stackdoor® is an aesthetic grille suitable for all types of architecture and applications.

Product Specification Sheet

Product warranty—12 months (Materials and Workmanship)
Scotty Doors Ltd has a continuing programme of product development and reserves the right to alter specifications at any time without notice.