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Planned Door Maintenance

Planned maintenance is crucial to avoid problems with your security doors. Professional maintenance prolongs the life of your installation and keeps your doors secure and in a good state of repair.

Through regular maintenance, any problems can be detected early. This helps avoid more expensive emergency repairs in case of a breakdown. Scotty Doors provides professional nationwide door maintenance and service.

Scotty Doors ensures that our maintenance and repair team follows the best practices for the repair and maintenance of your security doors. Our staff have undergone relevant training to complete the repairs and services.

Contact Scotty Doors to set up an annual/bi-annual/quarterly maintenance program for your security doors. We’ll be happy to help!

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Benefits of Regular Door Maintenance by Scotty Doors

Regular professional maintenance keeps your door secure and in a good state of repair.

Regular maintenance helps avoid the sudden loss of income when a malfunctioning security door restricts access to your premises.

During maintenance visits, a service technician can detect any abnormal wear and tear or damage to your door. Early detection of potential problems helps you avoid emergency repairs.

Regular professional maintenance greatly increases the life expectancy of your security doors.

Regular maintenance helps avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Through regular planned maintenance you fulfill your legal requirements to keep your doors in a good state of repair.

Set up a Maintenance Program for your Security Doors.

Service My Door  Emergency Repairs

Need Emergency Repairs?

As well as planned maintenance, we can also assist you should an unexpected problem develop with your door. See emergency door repairs for more information.

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