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A heavy duty roller shutter that is the ultimate in design for visual appearance and maximum security. Whilst visually attractive, robust, and effective, the Orion is versatile enough to compliment a variety of applications and sizes and can be manufactured in several different designs customised to suit your design brief.

Technical Specifications

MAXIMUM WIDTH: 6400mm (Motorised)

MAXIMUM  HEIGHT: 5000mm (Motorised)

APPROX. WEIGHT PER SQM: 18 kgs. per sqm 

SLAT HEIGHT: 100mm (solid, slotted and perforated options)


BARREL TYPES: 150mm steel

BRACKETS: 6mm mild steel angles and plate

SIDE GUIDES: 65mm deep x 50mm wide (face fixed or heal fixed)

WIND LOCKS: Yes (optional)

DOOR FINISH: Standard Satin Silver Anodised / Dulux Duralloy Powder Coating

Product Specification Sheet

Product warranty—12 months (Materials and Workmanship)
Scotty Doors Ltd has a continuing programme of product development and reserves the right to alter specifications at any time without notice.

Operation Manual

Door Operation
  • Motorised operation (low cycle applications only – not available in high cycle applications) via a single-phase motor / controllers / limit switches
Power Requirements (for Motorised Operation)
  • Single-phase outlet (10amp), located within 1 metre of the motor—plug and go setup
  • Three-phase 415V with neutral (10amp), located within 1 metre of the motor, to be fully installed & connected by a certified electrician
Motorised (Single Phase)
  • Head Room: 550mm
  • Side Rooms: Motor Side: 165mm  / Non-Motor Side: 115mm
  • Projection: 750mm
Motorised (Three Phase)
  • Head Room: 550mm
  • Side Rooms: Motor Side: 300mm  / Non-Motor Side: 120mm
  • Projection: 750mm
External Work by Others
  • Power supply provision, if required
  • Structurally sound wall/mounting points to support the roller grille, designed & approved a certified engineer
  • Adequate headroom, side room, and projection to ensure successful operation