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A heavy-duty roller grille designed for shopping centres, supermarkets, carparks, and street frontage stores. It is a high-quality, durable and visually appealing architectural feature. It is designed to provide a sleek and modern look while offering functional benefits such as ventilation and protection.

Technical Specifications

MAXIMUM WIDTH: 4000mm (Manual) | 10000mm (Motorised)

MAXIMUM  HEIGHT: 3000mm (Manual) | 5500mm (Motorised)

APPROX. WEIGHT PER SQM: 16 kgs. per sqm 



BARREL TYPES: 200mm spiral / 150mm steel

BRACKETS: 3mm (Manual) | 6mm (Motorised)

SIDE GUIDES: 50mm/65mm deep x 50mm wide (face fixed or heal fixed)


DOOR FINISH: Standard Satin Silver Anodised / Dulux Duralloy Powder Coating

Product Specification Sheet

Product warranty—12 months (Materials and Workmanship)
Scotty Doors Ltd has a continuing programme of product development and reserves the right to alter specifications at any time without notice.

Operation Manual

Door Operation
  • Horizontal 19mm aluminium tubes spaced 50mm apart by high tensile aluminium joining links to form a strong brickwork pattern.
  • Nylon endcaps reduce friction inside the door guides
Locking (for Manual Operation)
  • Extruded heavy duty aluminium captive guide channel 50mm wide x 50mm deep, fixed conventionally behind door jambs or recessed into the wall.
  • Flared at the top for smooth entry of screen into guides.
  • The guide profile incorporates an extruded nylon and mohair strips extending the life of the door and making for quiet operation.
Power Requirements (for Motorised Operation)
  • Removable mullions are used to separate multiple doors in cases of very wide or angled openings when full access is required.
  • The door tracks being removable leaving opening unobstructed.
Manual spring-balanced
  • A bottom rail is attached to the bottom of the door screen and is manufactured from extruded aluminium RHS.
  • Manual doors are fitted with a 2 way doublesided deadlock.
Motorised (Single Phase)
  • 150mm diameter door drum for minimal deflection of door screen across opening.
  • Torsion springs calculated to balance screen weight for lightweight operation.
  • Axle fitted with sealed roller bearings for high cycle operation.
Motorised (Three Phase)
  • Satin Silver Anodised Aluminium.
  • Powder coating of a wide range of colours available as an optional extra.
External Work by Others
  • Satin Silver Anodised Aluminium.
  • Powder coating of a wide range of colours available as an optional extra.