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Bunkerkit® is an innovative and distinct concept offering modular shielded rooms designed to safeguard individuals (with bulletproof shielding), assets (with burglar-proof shielding), and data (with electromagnetic shielding). Each Bunkerkit® panel is constructed using multiple layers of steel specifically engineered with various combinations of materials to achieve the desired level of protection. The key aspect that sets Bunkerkit® apart is its exceptional modularity: panels can be easily assembled using simple bolting methods, allowing for the creation of compartments ranging from basic partitions to highly intricate structures. This adaptability makes Bunkerkit® suitable for a wide range of applications, offering customizable solutions for diverse construction requirements.

Product Specification Sheet

Product warranty—12 months (Materials and Workmanship)
Scotty Doors Ltd has a continuing programme of product development and reserves the right to alter specifications at any time without notice.